Rockport Offers Style, Comfort & Versatility For A Great Guys Night Out #RockportChallenge

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When I think casual, I usually think tennis shoes; that was until recently. As a person who enjoys dressing well, wearing tennis shoes for casual events works at times, but not always. As most of my readers know I have been working with Rockport recently and though as you saw in my last post, I was impressed with their dress shoes, I can say that I did not know that they had more casual shoes until a few weeks back. At this time, Rockport asked me to take on a challenge and try out a pair of their more casual styles from their Fall/Winter ’14 collection.


I received a pair of their Parker Hill Desert Boot. From the beginning I really liked the color. I was a bit skeptical at first about how I would like the boot cut of the shoes, but as I wore them I got more used to this and I found them to be comfortable and the additional ankle support was nice too.


In wearing these shoes I found that they could be worn with anything from jeans to dress slacks. This was something that I would not have normally expected, but I was happy to find that this was the case.  There definitely were a few other shoes from the collection that looked The shoes were comfortable and with the fact that they were equipped with sport technology, it did feel like I was still wearing a tennis/running shoe which was a nice change.


There were definitely a few other shoes from the collection that looked fun. Though I did not try them, I liked the style and color of the Ledge Hill 2 Plaintoe Oxford and the blue coloring of the Parker Hill Captoe Oxford was so unique, I would be interested to see how they would look on me, as it was hard to imagine just looking at them in a picture.


In the end for me what I love most is that these shoes can go with pretty much anything I can think of (well… maybe not shorts). Having versatile shoes that look and feel good is so important and I have nothing but positives to share about this collection. Check them out here and see for yourself. What shoe would you choose for yourself?


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The New @SamsungCameraUS NX1 Looks Amazing! #imagelogger



Samsung Electronics America, Inc. (SEA), announced yesterday their newest camera, the NX1 SMART Camera. This new flagship model combines professional image quality with cinema quality Ultra High Definition (UHD) / 4K resolution video recording and industry-leading SMART connectivity. Samsung also expands its line of professional-grade “S” lenses with the introduction of a new telephoto lens, the NX 50-150mm F2.8 S OIS lens.


“The NX1 is the new flagship in our award-winning NX line-up. It brings together our SMART camera technology, new 4K video capabilities and Samsung’s fastest AF system to date in a lightweight, portable body. This blend of cutting edge imaging technology appeals to a wide variety of photographers, and makes it one of the most competitive models in its class,” said Ron Gazzola, Vice President of Marketing, Digital Imaging, Samsung Electronics America. “The combination of the new Samsung 50-150mm F2.8 S lens and NX1 delivers an unrivalled shooting experience that gives users the confidence that they’re taking the best images or video in any situation.”


Blazing Fast Speed and Superb Image Quality


The NX1 boasts an all new, best in class, 28MP BSI CMOS sensor, which supports Samsung’s fastest autofocus system to date, the NX AF System III. Photographers can quickly focus on subjects, making this camera ideal for photographing a football player as they run down the field or baseball action at home plate. Developed utilizing Samsung’s advanced semiconductor technology, the back side illuminated sensor is capable of gathering more light than conventional CMOS sensors. The new NX AF System III features 205 Phase Detect AF points covering 90 percent of the frame, allowing photographers to quickly focus on their targets. This quick focusing ability allows the camera to achieve 15FPS of continuous shooting while continuously tracking focus. The system also employs a patterned AF Assist Beam that reaches up to 15m and will help to more accurately capture clear photos in low light.


The NX1 also incorporates a new DRIMe V Image Processer that delivers superior color reproduction and works with the camera’s built-in Adaptive Noise Reduction technology to help retain details and remove noise from photos captured at high ISO’s. The advanced algorithm also analyzes details and color in each photo, making sure users always have the clearest image.


Wide Phase Detection gives the NX1 the ability to instinctively track subjects almost anywhere in the frame, regardless of their location. Photographers can capture even the briefest of moments. There is no need to re-compose a shot – they can simply focus and shoot immediately, allowing for extreme speed and flexibility. This technology will be of particular interest to those who love to shoot video, as the NX1 supports the use of Phase Detect AF during movie recording, so that results are stable and steady.


The new Samsung Auto Shot highlights the innovation available in the NX1. Using the DRIMe V Image Processor and an advanced algorithm, the NX1 will track a baseball as it travels to a player, allowing photographers take crisp images of the moment a ball connects with a bat. While these shots can often be difficult to take, the NX1 removes any concern by accurately predicting the right time to trigger the shutter and capture a full-resolution image.


As the only compact system camera on the market with a top deck LCD panel, photographers can easily confirm camera settings, including aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, AF settings, drive and battery life with one glance.


Cinema Quality Video


Videographers and filmmakers can easily shoot cinema-quality video straight from the NX1. Utilizing the next generation HEVC codec, the NX1 is capable of recording smooth and immersive UHD/4K (DCI Standard) video. Users can easily save files directly to the memory card in the camera, eliminating the need to carry hefty external 4K recorders. This is made possible by a built-in HEVC Codec (H.265).


With a myriad of input, output and connectivity options, users will be able to customize their NX1 for their unique recording needs. Additionally, using Samsung’s SMART technology, users can also share their videos directly to any Samsung UHD television via Wi-Fi.


The NX Lens Line-up Gets Faster


Expanding upon Samsung’s premium line of “S” lenses, the new Samsung 50-150mm F2.8 S lens is the second in the series and affords photographers the opportunity to capture telephoto images with crisp clarity and tack sharp focus in a variety of scenarios. Its fast aperture provides excellent low light performance and beautiful bokeh, making it perfect for sports, nature and wedding photography. The lens features an Ultra-Precise Stepping Motor (UPSM), improved from the conventional Stepping Motor (SM), it is three times more precise in its ability to control and focus on subjects. Photographers can capture sharp photos at low shutter speeds using advanced multi-axis Optical Imaging Stabilization (OIS) with four-axis control and a six-axis sensor array. These sensors detect camera motion, and help the lens to make the precision corrections necessary.

The new telephoto lens features a dust and water resistant build making it both durable and reliable. All of the lens controls, focus, zoom and OIS, are located in a single “function zone” on the side of the lens, making it easy to control.


Smart Connectivity, Tag & Go

Building on the successes of Samsung’s market leading SMART Camera technology, the NX1’s NFC and Wi-Fi capabilities offer the next-generation of connectivity, making it is easier than ever to take advantage of a host of intuitive sharing features. The ‘Tag & Go’ function lets users tap and share memories instantly and easily, pairing the NX1 with NFC enabled smartphones and tablets. Additionally, the NX1 incorporates Bluetooth 3.0 for an always-connected experience with a mobile device.  After authenticating the connection via Bluetooth, the NX1 is capable of collecting important time, date and location data and automatically imports it into the image’s metadata.  Once authenticated, the connection will automatically switch to a Wi-Fi connection for data transfer.


The Photo Beam feature allows the transfer of images or videos to a smartphone or tablet by simply touching the two devices together with no other configuration needed. MobileLink lets users select multiple images to send to four distinct smart devices at one time, so everyone can treasure photos without the need to take repetitive shots on each individual device. AutoShare sends every photo you take instantly to your smartphone or tablet and the Remote Viewfinder Pro function enables control of the NX1 from a smartphone, allowing the user to zoom and snap shots remotely yet still have full visibility of the scene, opening up new photographic possibilities. Manual settings can still be accessed, including shutter speed and aperture, so that photographers can retain camera control yet have another option as to how they want to frame their shot.


Samsung NX1 Product Specifications

Image Sensor 28.2 effective megapixel APS-C BSI CMOS sensor
Display 76.8mm (3.0-inch) Super AMOLED Tilt Display with Touch panel (tilting Up 90°, Down 45°)

FVGA (720×480) 1,036K dots

View finder EVF (OLED) with Eye Contact Sensor


ISO Auto, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800, 25600 (1EV or 1/3EV step) (EXT. 51200)
Image JPEG (3:2) : 28M (6480×4320), 13.9M (4560×3040), 7.1M (3264×2176), 3.0M (2112×1408)

JPEG(16:9) : 23M (6480×3648), 11.9M (4608×2592), 6.2M (3328×1872), 2.4M (2048×1152)

JPEG (1:1) : 18.7M (4320×4320), 9.5M (3088×3088), 4.7M (2160×2160), 2.0M (1408×1408)

RAW : 28.0M (6480×4320)

* 3D Lens Image Size: JPEG(16:9) 5.9M (3232×1824), 2.1M (1920×1080)

File format: RAW (SRW ver2.0.0), JPEG (EXIF 2.3), MPO (for 3D Lens), DCF
Video MP4 (Video: HEVC /H.265, Audio: AAC)

UHD 3840×2160 (30fps Only), 4K 4096×2160 (24fps Only), Full HD 1920×1080, 1280×720 , 640×480

* 3D Lens Movie Recording Compatible only for Full HD

Frame rate: 60fps, 30fps, 24fps NTSC / 50fps, 25fps, 24fps PAL
Video Output NTS, PAL, HDMI
Value- Added


SMART Mode: Action Freeze, Beauty Face, Fireworks, Landscape, Light Trace, Multi-Exposure, Night, Panorama (Live), Rich Tone (HDR), Samsung Auto Shutter, Silhouette, Sunset, Waterfall
3D still image & video capturing
Built-in Flash (Guide Number 11 at IOS100)
Magnesium cover body
External Microphone
Dust and splash resistance

* Note – This product is not water or dust proof. It is designed to resist dust and minor splashes only. Exposure to severe conditions is not recommended.

Wi-Fi Connectivity IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac


  • Email
  • Quick Transfer
  • Auto Backup
  • FOTA
  • TV Link
  • Full Browser(SNS & Cloud)
  • Auto Time Setting
  • BT GPS Tagging
  • Mobile Link
  • Photo Beam(Play Back)
  • Remote Viewfinder Pro

* Note – The availability of each service may differ by country.

Bluetooth Bluetooth 3.0
Battery BP1900 (1860mAh)
Dimension (WxHxD) 138.5 x 102.3 x 65.8
Weight 550 g (without battery)



Chicken Soup For The Soul: The Cat Did What? #Giveaway

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About the Book

Our feline friends constantly surprise and charm us with their silly antics, their loving connections with our family members, and their surprising intelligence. You will enjoy reading all the 101 amazing and humorous stories in this collection about the mischief, miracles, and magic our cats bring to our lives. This collection will make you laugh and touch your heart and after reading these stories we know you’ll say, “The cat did what?”


Purpose of the Books

After 20 years of bringing real people and their stories together to touch the lives of others, Chicken Soup for the Soul® has gone beyond the bookstore to become a world leader in life improvement. Chicken Soup for the Soul is home to the largest catalog of user-generated, life-changing stories. Through books, movies, DVDs, online resources and other partnerships it brings hope, courage, inspiration and love to hundreds of millions of people around the world. Chicken Soup for the Soul authors and readers belong to a one-of-a-kind global community that shares advice, support, guidance, comfort, and knowledge.


About the Company

Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing, LLC, publishes all the latest titles in the famous Chicken Soup for the Soul book series which are distributed through Simon and Schuster, Inc. Since 1993, books in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series have sold more than 112 million copies, with titles translated into more than 40 languages. Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing also licenses the right to use its famous trademark to high quality licensees through IMG, the world’s premier licensing agent. The company is currently implementing a plan to expand into all media, is working with TV networks on several TV shows and is developing a major Internet presence dedicated to life improvement, emotional support and inspiration. In 2007, USA Today named Chicken Soup for the Soul one of the five most memorable and impactful books in the last quarter century. For more information visit:


Facts About The Reach of The Books

  • Total retail sales of Chicken Soup for the Soul branded merchandise have topped $1.3 billion.
  • The Chicken Soup for the Soul book series of over 200 titles has sold over 112 million copies, with titles translated into more than 40 languages.
  • In 2008, Chicken Soup for the Soul became the best-selling trade paperback series in the history of publishing.
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul is one of the world’s most well-known brands– 88.7% of the US public not only recognizes the Chicken Soup for the Soul brand, but knows what it is (source—Harris Polls).
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul holds the world record for having the most titles on the New York Times bestseller list at one time.
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul receives millions of monthly media impressions, with cross-promotion relationships in place with top media brands like King Features, Woman’s World, BeliefNet and others.
  • Many of the world’s leading consumer brands have looked to Chicken Soup for the Soul for co-branding opportunities, including American Idol®, Coke®, NASCAR®, Marriott®, Campbell’s®, Arby’s®, Golf Digest® and others.
  • Time Magazine called the Chicken Soup for the Soul series the “Publishing phenomenon of the decade.”
  • In 2007, USA Today named Chicken Soup for the Soul one of the five most memorable and impactful books in the last quarter century.
  • In 2008, Chicken Soup for the Soul and dick clark productions entered into an agreement to develop a television series based on the brand.


My Take On The Book

As a cat lover this book was funny, heartwarming, and just made me smile throughout. The stories included were fun, engaging and drew me in from beginning to end. This was a book that in many cases made me say to myself, “My Cat Did That Too!” However, even when this was not the case, the stories were ones that I could relate to and really were a great connection for anyone that has ever had a cat themselves or is just an animal lover in general!



How would you like to win this for yourself or for your family? All you need to do is fill out the below form to be entered.  The contest will run for one week and will end on September 24, 2014.

Winner must be a resident of the U.S or Canada.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners are chosen at random, if you want all your chances counted, make sure you leave individual comments, not all of them in one!

Winner has 48 hours to contact me or another name will be chosen.



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Crashlings Are Fun To Play With & Collect #dadchat

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Wicked Cool Toys continues to launch off new Crashlings, a collectible product line of Mutant Meteors from Outer Space! Crashlings are one-inch collectible figures that are packed and travel inside a rubber-flex meteor. Each meteor has the power to blast over 5 feet into the air! Series 1 includes over 155 Crashlings to collect with special rares, ultra rares and retired editions. Crashlings come in five different breeds (Aliens, Insects, Underwater, Dinosaurs, and Monsters), and kids will be skyrocketed into another dimension as they collect them all! The Crashlings comprehensive product line is expected to launch in Spring 2014 with a variety of figure packs, play sets, and a space ship. In addition, Crashlings includes National TV Campaigns which will run throughout 2014 where Crashlings will be riding high and creating mischief in every new galaxy. Ages 5+, SRP: $1.99 – $19.99

My Take on the Product
While I have talked abut Crashlings in the past, I have to say that I continue to be impressed with the workmanship and detail on these toys as well as how much fun they are to launch off into space. My kids hav a blast with them and if I am honest, so do I. There are so many Crashlings to choose from and for me this is one of the things I like most. You see, I love variety and having the ability to pick and choose from many Crashlings just makes me and my girls happy.  One of the things that I do want to point out is that though this line of toys is made and promoted to boys, my girls love these too!

I just received a few new Crashlings and I have shared some thoughts on them in the below video:



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Cat Paw – The Friendly Yet Feisty Toy – A Unique New Toy #CatPaw

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Cat Paw – The Friendly Yet Feisty Toy

CAT PAWS are wildly fun and purrrfect for everyone! Creep out co-workers, amuse cat lovers and STUPEFY cats themselves with the amazing, bizarre, wonderful and super fun CAT PAW!  Cat Paw features 4 different cat styles to choose from. Each Cat Paw includes 2 realistic sounds and an awesome clawing action! Simply pull the trigger on the handle to activate sound and movement. Once you see one, you have to have them all! Cat Paw is sure to be the life of any party, fill an ordinary day with extraordinary moments, strike up conversations with just about anyone, and guaranteed to deliver endless joy to everyone, even your beloved four-legged family members! Available at Kmart. Toys “R” Us and Amazon NOW. Ages 0-100, SRP $9.99


Twitter – @mycatpaw – #CatPaw

Please LIKE us on Facebook –

Pinterest –


Cat Paw Videos to See it in Action:

Amazing! Cat Paw Makes Coffee! –

Amazing! Cat Paw Reads and Writes –

Cat Paw In the Bathroom –
My Take on the Product

This was such a unique product. You not only get a fun gift, but you can also freak out your friends with the Cat Paw sneaking up on them when they least expect it. The Cat Paw has great sound and with the trigger action grip you can really have the Cat Paw appear from pretty mu anywhere!

Check out some of my other thoughts on the Cat Paw in the video below:


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VRÜM Ride-On Storage Lets You Take Fun on the Road!

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Wicked Cool Toys is rockin’ and a rollin’ with excitement to introduce VRÜM  Ride-On Storage, their new licensed character based ride-on portable storage for kids and is pa ked with 3 in 1 features: Pack, Ride and Play for Fall 2014. The VRÜM product line will feature today’s top kids brands to inc lude Spiderman, Ironman, DC Comics Batman, Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob SquarePants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Disney Princesses.  Each ride-on storage character is 18″W X 8″D X 12″H, has a dual purpose pull/carrying strap, a handle-bar for comfort and support, is safe and fun to ride, and perfect for being on the go. Kids will love taking their favorite VRÜM Ride-On Storage friends with them everywhere they go, and parents will appreciate the entire package of convenience! Available NOW at,,,,, and

Ages 3+, SRP $49.99 – 

Here is the Sizzle of VRUM in Action:


My Take on the Product
With this product you are getting not only a ride-on toy, but you are getting a great storage device that can be used as luggage or just to bring things from here to there. The VRÜM is heavy duty and can take a beating and keep on working well. I had my neighbor’s children (all younger) try this our and while they put it through a lot, it was still working find after a few days of “testing” too. All-in-all I loved the characters available and the concept of two-in-one capabilities that this offers. Watch the video below for a few other thoughts on the product!


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Unique Dad/Daughter/Son Journals Open Conversations! #dadchat

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Mom and Dad respond to questions from Daughter and Son like:

  • “What characteristics do you think you and I share?”
  • “What do you think is my best quality?” “Not-so-best quality?”
  • “If you felt the need to offer some advice to me, what would it be?”

Daughter or Son respond to questions from Dad or Mom like:

  • “What might I not have understood about you as a teen?”
  • “What are your proudest moments of me as a parent?”
  • “What have we never done together that you wish we could do?”

There are also SISTER and BROTHER journals that can be exchanged to strengthen THOSE particular bonds.

Many parents use them to collect really personal memories for their children from GRANDMA and GRANDPA. Fill one out for your kids to reflect on some day, or give one to your own parents and learn things like what your dad really wanted to be when he grew up, or what your mom remembers about her teenage years. It would be hard to find a more personal, heartfelt way for families to reconnect or to get even closer.

There are also Spanish translations for the MOM and DAD versions.
My Take on the Journals
What I loved about these journals was that the questions that they asked were perfect especially as you get older and as you remember memories and share experiences through the questions themselves. This would be perfect to give as a present for a birthday as your daughter gets older. While this is not a journal you would get the most out of while your kids are young, it is definitely something that that I plan to keep until they are older and I can have them reflect back on these younger years and have them share things with me while I too share with them. These are truly unique journals that will allow you to get to know your children in a whole new way.

Find out more about this product here – 


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Time for a #FallFixup with Rubbermaid #weavemade #ad

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This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Weave Made Media® and Rubbermaid, but all my opinions are my own. #weavemade #FallFixUp


As I get ready for fall there are always projects that I have been slacking on throughout the summer that I know I still need to accomplish, but have yet to do so. For me, one of these projects was setting up a brush bin with the help of Rubbermaid products in our backyard so we didn’t just have a pile of sticks that keeps getting bigger and bigger as it has throughout the summer months.


Lucky for me I decided to take matters into my own hands and run out to Home Depot to see what type of Rubbermaid products I could find that could help me along the way.


In looking through the store I have to say I was impressed to see the breadth and depth of the products that they did have and it made my life a little bit harder as I had to truly choose versus having only a select to choose from and the choice was already made for me.


I chose to try two different sizes, an 18 gallon that I could use and carry around the yard while collecting and cleaning up brush and a 32 gallon trash can that could hold all of the brush in one place.


One of the things that I love about Rubbermaid products is that, especially here in Michigan, they will last outdoors. We can have rough winters, but I do not want to have to find extra space in my garage for these containers, so keeping them outside is definitely something that I can and will be doing.


As you can see we found just the perfect spot to place out bins outside. I have already been working on other tasks not and filling up the bin and lucky for us we can just drag the trash bin to the curb when full for trash/brush pick-up!


If you have never seen all of the products that Rubbermaid makes, I highly encourage you to head on over to your local Home Depot to take a look as well as to take advantage of the in store low prices on the Rubbermaid Roughnecks products.


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Eitech (@eitechToys ) Brings Kids & Parents Together to Build Something Special!

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Between splashing in the pool and catching fireflies, have the kids boost their science skills this summer by building a space shuttle. It’s fun and challenging with an Eitech construction set designed especially for youngsters. German toy maker Eitech has been getting kids to open the box and build incredible toys since 1955. This season kids might gravitate to erecting the Eitech Eiffel Tower Construction Set ($49.99) or Eitech Deluxe Space Shuttle Set ($279.99). Girls and boys relish the world of science when introduced through fun and games.


Science toys are a perfect way to introduce concepts like engineering. The focus on studying S.T.E.M. subjects has gained momentum in just the last five years, especially for girls. First Lady Michelle Obama was quoted as saying, “If we’re going to out-innovate and out-educate the rest of the world, we’ve got to open doors for everyone. We need all hands on deck, and that means clearing hurdles for women and girls as they navigate careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.”


Eitech toys have been introducing those concepts to European children for decades and now American youth can join the STEM bandwagon. Using their fine motor skills to snap or screw together interchangeable parts, kids become little engineers in an afternoon of toying with age-appropriate tools. The full-color illustrated instructions allow youngsters to build by themselves although it’s always fun when a parent or older sibling joins in.
The “Basic” category steel sets are ideal for ages 6 and up as they expand their creativity and imagination to comprehend the basics of metal building. “Classic” construction kits allow ages 8 and up to play with gears, remote controls and motors.


Grownups who have watched their family members build Eitech kits happily share their experiences online at websites like “Product quality is unquestionable,” one dad typed about the Deluxe Solar Powered Construction Set ($124.99 for 300 pieces). “It makes you have a good feeling to receive such a good product. The Germans build stuff right and pay attention to detail even when people aren’t looking!”


Agreed another father on the same item, “My son is a thinker and loves being challenged. He really wanted an advance Lego building kit, but I wanted to try this Eitech Deluxe Solar Powered Construction Set. I have to say… this kid can not leave this alone. He loves the challenge of building and the kits. He’s now using his creativity to build his own project. Great Project Kit! One of the best investments I ever made.”The German engineered toys come in five categories — Basic, Classic, Exclusive, Solar and Experimental. No matter what age or interest level, Eitech has the perfect kit. As the themed sets spark a love for engineering, kids can try supplementing Eitech accessory packs to any Eitech model for added fun. Interchange a variety of spare parts, motors, and solar panels to make the Classic or Exclusive sets even more exciting. At their U.S. website,, look for the link to supplemental parts to purchase extra gears, motors or even an LED flashing light set!


About the Robot I Tried

Build a bionic person, bring it to life, and tear it apart again! Made of stainless steel, the Eitech Robot Construction Set includes over 120 parts that will make a minimum of 2 robot models. A flashing LED adds extra robotic touch. Advanced builders can develop three dimensional thinking that promotes creativity and learning while at the same time having fun! Step by step illustrated instructions are included for easy to follow directions. This educational building block set is designed for kids to exercise their hands-on skills, imagination and cognitive performance by assembling a robot with the included parts.


My Take on the Robot


How would you like to win one of the kits below for yourself or for your family? The winner will select from one of the following:

Eiffel Tower:


Trail Bike:



All you need to do is fill out the below form to be entered.  The contest will run for one week and will end on August 24, 2014.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner must be a resident of the U.S.

Winners are chosen at random, if you want all your chances counted, make sure you leave individual comments, not all of them in one!

Winner has 48 hours to contact me or another name will be chosen.



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Cowabunga! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle From @PlaymatesToys

 photo disclaimer_zpsaa1cb05b.jpg

With the Turtles being such a hit on screen, Playmates Toys wanted to share information on its new line of toys that bring the action off-screen and into fans’ hands for some ninja fun! The line of toys includes an assortment of products for Turtles fans, including action figures, vehicles and role play gear that reflect the personalities and distinctive look of the Turtles in the movie. The movie toys are available at major retailers including Target, WalMart and Toys ‘R’ Us.

Details on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie toy line from Playmates Toys include the following:


Action Figures

The action figure collection will include basic action figures, 11-inch figures and deluxe feature figures. The action figures are highly detailed, fully articulated and uniquely sculpted to reflect the Turtles’ appearance in the movie. In addition, each figure comes equipped with unique accessories. The basic action figures vary in heights from 4.0 inches to 5.5 inches. The collection includes Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael, as well as Splinter, The Shredder, Foot Soldier, April O’Neil and Raphael in Disguise. The 11-inch figure collection includes the four Ninja Turtles.

The Combat Warrior Deluxe Figures are highly detailed, fully articulated and uniquely sculpted, with heights ranging from 5.25 inches to 6 inches. The Turtles’ legs can be squeezed to trigger battle actions. The collection includes Leonardo with quick cut katana action, Donatello with smack-down spinning staff action, Michelangelo with triple terror twist nunchuck action and Raphael with serious slashing sai action.



The Turtle Assault Van is packed with ninja action features, allowing kids to drive the Turtles into their next battle and recreate their favorite scenes from the movie. Features include a spring-powered Turtle torpedo, launching luge assault vehicle, pop top hatch and side attack ramp. The control cabin holds the basic Ninja Turtles action figures.


Role Play Gear

With the Ninja Combat Gear, kids can transform themselves into one of their favorite heroes in a half shell from the film. Each set includes the Turtles’ signature weapon and bandana, allowing kids to see if they have what it takes to become a Ninja Turtle. The collection includes Leonardo with katana sword, bandana and two hand guards, Michelangelo with Nunchuck, bandana and two hand guards, Raphael with two Sais and bandana and Donatello with Bo Staff and bandana.


My Take on The Toys



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